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Podcast 3 - Called To Be A Healing Community

We continue to look at the Harnhill ‘Way of Life’ and in this month’s podcast, Revd. Christine Holzapfel asks ‘What do we mean by healing, in a Christian context?’ Dr Michael Harper shares his insights from a long career in medicine and his experience in healing prayer ministry. He was for six years the Director of Burrswood Hospital, a Christian Healing Centre in Kent. Christine is also joined by her daughter Sally who shares her experiences as a guest at Harnhill last year. The time of prayer is led by Janie Cameron, a member of the residential ministry team. The music contribution once again comes from Matt and Tilly Taylor.

Audio Production: Mike Stranks

Song: Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven - Henry Francis Lyte | John Goss Copyright Words & Music: Public Domain Arrangement: Matthew J. Taylor, (c) 2021 (Copyright Control)

CCLI Licence No. 2617

Contribution by Dr Michael Harper by kind permission

Contribution by Sally by kind permission