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Types of Retreat

The Harnhill Centre offers personal and healing retreats for those seeking personal prayer ministry, practical teaching or simply rest and refreshment.  When you look at our programme you may have some questions about the different types of retreats.  We've tried to answer the four main questions here:

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What is a Journeying into Wholeness Led Retreat?

(formerly Walking in to Your Healing Retreat)

Our healing retreats give an opportunity for time away with God in an environment of care and peace. There are prayer times with two of our team along with times of Biblical meditation and teaching

There is a formal programme of worship, teaching and community meals, with the opportunity to prayer with our trained prayer ministers.  There is an opportunity to join in with the Centre's Way of Life, whilst you receive relaxation and refreshment from our garden, local walks and nourishing meals

What can I expect on a Personal Retreat?

Personal retreats offer time to step away from everyday life and to rest in the presence of God.  You are welcome to enjoy the daily worship and fellowship at mealtimes, yet do your own thing as far as your retreat is concerned

There is no formal programme for a Personal Retreat, but you can arrange to meet with one of our trained prayer team or receive spiritual accompaniment.  Personal retreats are flexible in time from a minimum of 2 days to a maximum of 5 days (Tuesday through to Sunday)

What is Prayer Ministry?

Prayer ministry is the opportunity to meet with two of our Prayer Team to share the deeper issues of life, whether in the past or the present, which are causing difficult emotions or ongoing challenges for you.

The team will listen to you and to the Lord and then will pray into the areas you feel are important or where the Lord may be highlighting


What is Spiritual Accompaniment?

Spiritual accompaniment is the opportunity to meet with one of the team for a 45 minute appointment. The focus of this time is to reflect on how God is at work in your life and to help you listen to the Lord during your stay at the Centre.

It is a time of sharing and reflecting and although may finish with a closing prayer, is not prayer ministry. If you are facing a challenging life issue or experiencing difficult emotions, we would encourage you to book a prayer ministry appointment.

More Questions?

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email us at , or call 01285 850283